Court Looks At Meaning of “Public” In Relation To Publication of Proceedings

  Keywords: Publication of proceedings – Meaning of “the public” in s 121(1) of the Family Law Act – Court allows father to use family consultant’s report under s 11F in domestic violence proceedings – Child’s representations in the report differed from mother’s evidence in those proceedings In Miller & Murphy […]

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High Court Upholds Appeal Court Ruling That Wife Not Entitled To Spousal Maintenance

Keywords: family law, spousal maintenance, interim spousal maintenance, appeal, financial resources, section 72, 72(1), section 75, section 75(2)(b), section 75(2)(o), spousal maintenance considerations, justice of the case.   The case of Hall & Hall [2016] HCA 23 (8 June 2016) was a family law hearing heard in […]

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Full Court Increases Wife’s Contribution During Marriage as Trial Judge Overstated Her Earning Capacity During Marriage

Key words:  Property; contributions; contribution assessment; section 75(2) adjustment; adjustment from nil to 7.5 per cent;  In Wah & Golay [2016] FamCAFC 67 (7 April 2016) the Full Court of the Family Court heard the wife’s appeal against the trial judge’s decision concerning a $3.9 million pool and an […]

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